Friday, November 6, 2009

Wilson's Entertainment Story

Just flushed out my story earlier today. In an actual story format! :D

Awaken the Being to a World Long Lost,
What he holds his own, only his body and soul,
With naught but this Tale in mind,
He sets afoot to find his story in time.

Along his travels he did cross,
Many strange lands and species that were.
Others join him in his journey,
Eager to have their share in his story.
A Feline most curious (and mischevious no less),
A Maid with the wrench of her father,
And one other Being, much like himself.
Together they traverse a Great Forest,
And across a Grassy Canyon expanse,
'Til they reached the edge at the Sea of Sand.

Across the Desert our Heroes crossed,
'Til the Desert Heat they could bear no more.
At the edge where the Fiery Sands began,
Our Heroes beheld in awe,
An Ancient Pirate's joy, his love, his Valor!
Fueled by the Desert Fire,
The Pirate's joy did soar,
Til it could go no more past the Burning Mountain.

Within its Depths,
The Giant holds a Secret very dear.
At the foot of the Mountain's Graceful Fall,
The Heroes will find the Door,
To the World, Lost and Hidden beneath,
Where our Heroes find a Familiar Face.
First one, then three, then as many as an entire Race!
Together our Heroes discover its secret Treasure,
And thwart the plot of an Evil Lot.

Wilson's Week 8 Environment Homework

5th page was redone, I and put together the pages with the hut and lanterns and added a couple of ideations last night. I used ballpoint pen, a 20-30% gray Copic marker, and a brush pen, in that order.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Week 9 Homework

This week's homework.

Pick and refine your environment thumbnails.
Try one good value sketch of each of your favored environments. Two pages minimum.
Good luck on the sketches this week!

Also, on a side note, Vahe brought up the program "Alchemy" in class. It's a silhoutte/shape creating program; still being developed and working towards a full release. For right now it's free to download at as long as you decide to join their mailing list.
Have fun with it!