Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 4

Tips from today!

Use a mirror to help find expressions.
Practoce drawomg ex[ressopms from faces, look at friends/photo refs/mirrors.
Use strong lines to help simplify expressions (brush/chisel tip pens or markers).
Also try drawing bigger, or standing up.
When doing poses for this week's homework, stay simple! Work in stick figures if it helps!

This week's homework!

Try to come up with a final character design for each of your characters.
Keep in mind all things learned while working on the character designs in the past couple of weeks.

(Will also scan in written notes and drawings taken from in class asap.)

1 page of ideations per character on poses.
- Use story points to help pick out what poses each character will have.
- Keep the poses gestural, don't spend too much time on each pose per character.
Refine previous assignments and bring them in. Meaning redo the last assignments based on what's said in crits, apply what has been learned.
Also refine costume development and expressions.
Pick your favorite expressions and designs, blow it up and refine for each character. Pick what best represents your character, as well as try to fit it for their best particular story moment.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 1 Homework

Just wanted to put up my homework from last week.






I did a basic silhoutte with a Faber-Castell brush pen and then went from there in Photoshop, chiseling shapes using white and black with the brush tool.