Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 7 Homework

Homework for this week:

Vehicle Finalization!

1. Refine your silhouttes for the vehicles (add details). (2 Pages)
2. Refine/finalize your vehicle sketches from the last class. Add at least 3 shades of values. One page for the villain character's vehicle, and one page for the hero group's vehicle.
3. Two more pages of detail sketches (one for each vehicle). Certain aspects of your vehicle, such as how it functions, how is it powered, mechanics of the vehicle... pretty much how it works.

6 pages total. Have a good week guys, and good luck with the sketches! Simon's demos will be up soon as well.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Current HW and Oldie Hw

Tons of stuff to post up.

Week 6 Homework - Vehicles (Current In Progress)

Merchant Chair Ideations

More Merchant Chairs and Hero Ship ideations.

Week 5 Homework - Props

Prop finalization.

Prop ideations.

Week 3 Homework - Character Expressions





Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Homework.

Last week's homework. Ideations of poses for each of my characters. Except for my female character cause I haven't worked her out yet, but she'll be up soon too.

I'll fix that color change. I will also get my prop up in a bit. :]

Week 6 Homework

Homework for this week!

4 pages.
2 pages of ideations for vehicles in your story: 1 page for the "hero" vehicle, and another page for the "villain" vehicle.
Pick one ideation from each page, and conceptualize in their own pages.

Good luck, and be sure to post your work or if you have questions! :]

Week 5 Homework:
(Since we missed it on this blog...)

1 page of prop/treasure ideations.
Pick one, conceptualize it (what it looks like, how it works, details, etc.).